The Entertainment Company For The Affluent Millennial Generation

Our mission is to create compelling content geared toward the affluent millennial generation.

We craft original content that highlight The New American Dream 2.0

The New American Dream 2.0 is the pursuit of the affluent millennial generation. They take risks, they are go-getters and they want unique experiences.

They no longer want to keep up with the Joneses, they want to own the block they live on.

The Team – Darius Sepehripour

Darius Sepehripour (CEO – Founder) started Wisemen Media because he has a passion for telling interesting and unique stories. He studied economics with an emphasis in consumer behavior while attending University of California Berkeley for his undergraduate bachelor’s degree. He took classes on mass consumption, and how top multinational media conglomerates have consistently been able to capture the attention of the consumer. He brings these strategies into the art of storytelling, keeping the consumer on the edge of their seat wanting more. Darius uses his years of experience in putting together million dollar deals in the real estate industry to help creatives achieve their vision in the entertainment industry

The Team – Adam Cyril

Adam Cyril (CCO) co-founded Wisemen Media to channel his creative energy and work with like-minded talent. He started his own production company called Dream Media, in 2016. Later that year, he directed and produced his first documentary, “The Park”. This short film is about the positive impact of public recreation on youth in Richmond, CA. The film won multiple awards at film festivals internationally including the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards (HIIDA). He continued to look for ways to project creativity as an outlet, screenwriting and developing content. With a perfect balance of patience and being a perfectionist, Adam is a huge asset throughout the creative process.

Original Content

Content for the affluent millennial generation should be made by the millennial generation and not by the older people that “think” they know what younger people want.

We experience the content we’re creating”

Our original content is tailored for general theatrical release, digital & new media platforms to reach the intended target audience

  • Feature Length Films
  • Short Form Content
  • Narrative Stories
  • Episodic
  • Unscripted


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